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Air Heat: A new sneaker from Rapids Crew

Air Heat: A new sneaker from Rapids Crew

I'm here to introduce you to a new pair of sneakers, the Air Heat sneakers from Rapids Crew! This pair features two vibrant colorways that are equally stunning, combining all the elements to create a spark that will make you vibrate. I was there at the release time on their website, ready and ultra-motivated. I clicked as fast as possible, because I knew there was limited stock. I was even afraid the site would crash, but I managed to get them! You can't imagine the emotions I had when I managed to get a pair.

The pair of Air Heat by Rapids Crew

I'm going to tell you about the Air Heat, it's a bootleg of the Nike Air Jordan 1 Low. But it's more than just a copy, the Nike Swoosh is replaced by a flame, and on the back there's a basketball surrounded by flames. It gives a real fiery vibe and a unique look.

The colors are really cool. The pair comes in 3 different ranges. First, there's the Air Heat | Orange, with a flame to replace the Nike Swoosh. Then there's the Air Heat | Blackout, a model with a black flaming Swoosh. Finally, there's the Air Heat SB | Blackout model, which is the same model with a few differences.

As for the materials, they're top of the line! The white parts are made of cowhide leather, as are the black or orange colored parts, making it a superb quality product produced in Portugal with an affordable price of just over 200‚ā¨.

The panels are very original, the Air Heat is a real work of art to wear on your feet.

It's truly a pair to add to your collection. It's the kind of sneaker that will ignite your look!

Air Heat, cop or drop ?

Cop without any hesitation. I want to say that this pair is really worth checking out, it deserves a place of choice in your sneaker collection. Of course it's price is a little above regular Nikes, but this is justified by its quality and the fact that it's made in Portugal.

I'm very excited to share my new discovery with you, which is just the beginning, so stay tuned for more new things to come!

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