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Pop-up June 2024 in our showroom

Pop-up June 2024 in our showroom

Our Pop-Up

We’re excited to announce our new pop-up. For the first time, it will take place in our showroom at 7 rue Chapon in Paris. The idea is not just to have a regular pop-up but a collaborative one. We've invited several young independent brands like ours for the event. As a small brand, it's important to support each other. We’re fortunate to have a great spot in the Marais, and we wanted to showcase creators who deserve the spotlight. We’ve also invited artists we’ve collaborated with on custom bag designs. They won’t be customizing bags this time but will be exhibiting their artwork. Join us at our pop-up to discover incredible independent creators like Lunicol, Multiverse Graphique, Loseone, and others.

Lunicol, Fallen from the Moon

Lunicol is redefining the fashion industry with its black and white clothing inspired by the glow of the Moon in the night sky. Each piece is made from cotton produced in Serbia, offering superior quality and minimal ecological impact. At this pop-up, Lunicol presents clothing that embodies this cosmic influence. Their slogan, "Tombée de la Lune" (Fall of the Moon), represents their deep connection with this celestial body and their desire to bring lunar inspiration to Earth.


Multiverse Graphique, A Universe to Discover

Multiverse Graphique specializes in personalized clothing, accessories, and cushions. Their creations, often inspired by streetwear and Japanese culture, transform everyday spaces and objects into works of art. At our pop-up, you can discover ready-to-wear editions, home decor items, skateboards, and even fashion accessories.

Sniperz Clothing, For Urban Dancers

@Sniperz Clothing is a streetwear brand that combines comfort and urban aesthetics with a touch of boldness. Created by world champion krumper Lukas Austin, the brand offers collections that reflect the energy and diversity of big cities. This pop-up will be an opportunity to discover their latest collection.

Loseone, Our Heartfelt Artist

@_Loseone is an icon of urban graffiti, transforming walls into vibrant canvases with his spray paints and boundless imagination. His signature, an elegant and playful flower, adorns various locations, spreading bright smiles through a dazzling palette of colors. His talent extends beyond graffiti; he also excels in customizing various items, such as sneakers and skateboards. With his unique and bold style, Loseone breathes life and emotion into each creation. His works showcase an overflowing creativity, and we are proud to present him to you.

I Hate Paris, By a True Parisian

@Ireallyhateparis is a provocative brand known for its bold slogans and rebellious attitude. Their clothing pays homage to the spirit of contradiction and freedom. Annoyed by "I love Paris" t-shirts, the creator thought, why not the opposite? This pop-up will be the perfect occasion to discover these limited-stock pieces and engage with the brand's creator about his unconventional vision of fashion and Parisian culture., Of Course

Of course, we’ll be present with our creations. You’ll find our bags and maybe even grab one of our t-shirts (stock is very limited and there won’t be a reissue!). But that's not all; we have some big surprises in store for you. Over the two days of the pop-up, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to get our newest creation on-site. So, don’t miss this chance. We won’t reveal more for now, and we’ll let you discover everything on 06/22!

Come visit us

Our pop-up will take place at 7 rue Chapon 75003 from June 22 to June 23, 2024. We will be there to welcome you from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM; it’s a place where we celebrate creativity, innovation, and style. By bringing together several independent brands and artists, this event promises an unforgettable experience. Each creator brings their unique vision and personal touch. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover these avant-garde brands and experience what might be the first of many pop-ups to come.

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