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ABOUT is above all the story of a passionate individual, an ambitious soul who has always wanted to create something new, something human, driven by a desire to bring people together. an ever-evolving playground for passionate souls, a boundless canvas, unconcerned with limitations. is the adventure of a young leatherworker who wanted to venture where no one had dared before, with a bold vision that gave birth to a unique concept. However leather-goods may be part of its DNA, but that's just the first chapter. Each day brings a new project, another day, another me is...


The true OG would remember that it all started as cawa. We added the .me later on for legal reason. So to protect our brand and keep developing our project we needed to add .me. It made sense thanks to all the value that we support. The name cawa, come from ¬ę –°–į—ą–į ¬Ľ. Which should be pronounced Sacha. You got it, that‚Äôs the name of our bag. ¬ę –°–į—ą–į ¬Ľ is the diminutive of Alexandre. If you haven't known yet, he is the one who started the project. To us it was fun to add this kind of Easter egg in our brand name.

The logo have been designed to be evolutive and easy to incorporate in different style to fit in all our project.

URBAN LIFE STYLE draws its inspiration from the heart of the city: the vibrant energy of urban life. We see the constant movement, the ever-changing styles, and the relentless pursuit of self-expression reflected in the rhythm of the streets. Urban style isn't just about trends; it's about functionality, individuality, and a touch of rebellion. It's about adapting to your environment while staying true to yourself. believes that the perfect everyday essentials should embody this spirit. Our products are designed to keep up with your busy life, seamlessly integrating with your personal style, and allowing you to navigate the city with confidence and creativity.


YOUR STYLE CANVAS isn't about dictating your style; it's about providing the perfect canvas for you to express it. Our bags transcend specific trends or labels. They're designed to be versatile companions, adapting to your unique personality and the ever-evolving rhythm of your life.Whether you're drawn to minimalist aesthetics, a touch of streetwise edge, or a playful pop of color, has something that speaks to you.Our bags are more than accessories; they're conversation starters, confidence boosters, and reflections of the individual you are. So, don't be afraid to make them your own ‚Äď personalize them, mix and match, and let your style shine through.

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