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Guide: How to match colors in an outfit

Guide: How to match colors in an outfit

Knowing how to harmonize colors in an outfit is essential for creating a perfect look without any fashion faux pas. Even the most beautiful clothes can lose their value if poorly paired.

Today, I'll explain how to ensure your outfit is always harmonious!

The Color Wheel 

First, you need to get familiar with the color wheel. The color wheel helps you understand harmonious combinations.

Complementary colors (those opposite each other on the color wheel) can create a strong impact! Each color enhances the brightness of the other.

Analogous colors (those next to each other) offer subtle harmony. The composition is harmonious but risky as the colors can be confused

Cercle chromatique des couleurs

Choosing a Dominant Color 

The dominant color sets the tone while secondary colors accompany it by creating contrast.

Generally, it's best to choose one strong color, paired with a complementary or pastel color and a neutral tone.

This could be a piece of clothing or an accessory that stands out due to its bright color or bold print. This piece becomes the main point of the outfit, and other elements are chosen based on it.

Using the 60-30-10 rule 

The 60-30-10 rule helps you know how to distribute colors in your outfit.

60% goes to a dominant color, 30% to a secondary color to add contrast, and 10% to an accent color to add dynamism.

With this rule, you can vary the colors in your outfit while staying coherent! Plus, it's always better to stick to three colors in an outfit to avoid cluttering the look.

Which Colors Can Be Mixed?

Certain colors pair particularly well and usually offer a flawless outfit!

White, for example, can be paired with blue and almost any other color! Similarly, black can be paired with gray and all colors.

Here’s a little list for clarity:

  • Red can be paired with white, black, gray, or beige.

  • Pink can be paired with gray, blue, or chocolate brown.

Femme avec une tenue marron et rose dans un milieu urbain

  • Purple can be paired with gray or brown.

  • Blue can be paired with red, white, purple, brown, or gray.

Femme portant une tenue rouge et bleu dans un milieu urbain

  • Yellow can be paired with gray, black, or white.
  • Brown can be paired with green, yellow, off-white, or black.

Personne portant une tenue marron et jaune dans un milieu urbain

  • Beige can be paired with sky blue, brown, white, or green.

  • Green can be paired with brown, orange, navy blue, or gray.

Couple portant une tenue orange et verte dans un milieu urbain

I hope my tips have helped you and that you now have a clearer idea of how to match colors in your outfits!

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