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Air Origami

Air Origami

Let me tell you about an incredible pair of sneakers I recently managed to cop: the Air Origami by Rapids Crew! This pair is so limited that I thought it was impossible to get it into my collection. You can't imagine how thrilled I was when I finally bought them on their site!

 Paire de Air Origami par Rapidscrew vue de profil

The Drop

I was ready and super motivated, right on time for the release on their website. The countdown started, and I went for it, clicking as fast as possible because I knew the demand for this pair was insane. I was even worried the site might crash, but it held up, and I managed to get them! I was ecstatic!

The Pair

Now, let me tell you about the sneakers. The Air Origami is a bootleg of the famous Nike Air Jordan 1 High. But it’s not just a copy, far from it! Instead of the traditional Nike swoosh, it features an origami swoosh, handcrafted and stapled to the shoe. It's so stylish and gives the shoes a unique look.

Paire d'air Origami portée par un membre du crew cawa avec un pantalon marron a motif

The Colors

The colors are really cool too. The pair is primarily gray, black, and white, with amazing details. There are small logos subtly placed on the shoe, adding a touch of finesse and personality.

Bootleg de la air jordan produite par Rapidscrew, la air origami

The Materials

The materials are top-notch! The white and black parts are leather, and the gray parts are suede. The unique panels make the Air Origami a true work of art to wear on your feet.

Honestly, it's incredible to have this pair in my collection. It's the kind of sneakers that will turn heads.


In short, this pair is definitely worth checking out and deserves a prime spot on your sneaker wishlist. This adventure is just beginning, and I’m so happy to share all of this with you. Stay tuned for my next purchases!

So, stay connected and don't miss out because there are a lot of cool things coming!

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