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Sacha Schwarz

Sacha Schwarz

Sacha Schwarz, an artist deeply influenced by his multiple cultural roots, skillfully blends different heritages and contradictions in his work. His creations capture his joy of living, his wonder for everyday innovations, and his reflections on the ephemeral nature of life.


Oeuvre de l'artiste, les poules et le loup

His inspirations are as varied as they are captivating: from the first arts of Africa to the splendor of gilded woods of the 14th and 15th centuries, from biblical stories to paradisiacal animals, from Rembrandt and El Greco to Bruly Bouabré, Hundertwasser, and the New Figuration movement. Sacha Schwarz masters a multitude of artistic techniques, often working on wood and with acrylics. He also explores traditional techniques using gold, copper, or silver leaf. With virtuosity, he sometimes adds cut-out wooden silhouettes, offering a new dimension to his creations. His artistic expression flourishes through his paintings, art installations, and even in his drawing journal that he shares almost daily on Instagram under the name "sacha_peintre."

Sacha custom par Sacha Schwarz

He has created an exceptional customization for us: a unique bag where a face subtly emerges within dense foliage. This unique creation is still available on our website, a testament to Sacha Schwarz's distinctive art that we are proud to share.

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