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Delve into the vibrant and colorful world of Loseone, a street graffiti icon. With his spray cans and boundless imagination, Loseone takes you on a journey where walls transform into canvases, where each color tells its own story.
Grafiti coloré créé par loseone

His signature, an elegant yet mischievous flower, adorns diverse locations, from tiny alleyways to immense walls, spreading a radiant smile in a palette of dazzling hues. Loseone lives and breathes color through each of his creations, literally overflowing with vitality and energy. His expertise extends far beyond graffiti; the art of customization fits him like a glove. From 5 dollar bills to skateboards, sneakers to spray cans, and even music scores, every object in his hands becomes unique, pulsating with vibrant colors. His talent is not limited to graffiti; he also excels in felt-tip art and digital art, demonstrating exceptional artistic versatility.

Grafiti fleur par l'artiste Loseone

On his Instagram, @_loseone, immerse yourself in a dazzling universe of colors and creativity. With his unique style and daring approach, Loseone breathes life and emotion into his creations, offering an explosion of colors and talent in every piece he produces.

Loseone also excels in clothing customization. His latest creation, a jacket, is breathtaking, and he has been entrusted with customizing T-shirts. His work is simply remarkable! He has already customized our bags with an absolutely exceptional result, far beyond anything we have seen before.


T-shirt Cawa customisé par Loseone

Cust My Paire
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